Participate with your team for free!

The organization will provide participating teams with a wonderful opportunity to fund themselves through an offer, where we are confident that this opportunity will allow players to raise enough money to cover all the costs of participation.


  • 50 electronic tickets per player.
  • These tickets can be physical or electronic, talk to the salesperson responsible for your service and decide the best option.
  • Physical tickets will be sent via post and the shipping cost is the responsibility of the team.
  • These e-tickets will be available in the player's profile area "My Player Info" where they can be shared online through your WhatsApp contacts. With this, the player will be able to raise important funds and keep 100% of the amount received, which will allow him to finance his participation.

How it works:

  • After registering the team on the website, the first deposit is made, and in this way the person responsible for the team will be able to register their players on the platform so that they have access to the player profile area "My Player Info'' and their tickets.
  • The person responsible for the profile of each player will have to register and manage the tickets in the "My Player Info" area and in this way will be able to share them with their contacts.

General rules:

  • In order for the draw number to be valid, the ticket holder must register it in the system.
  • If the team does not participate in the competition, all tickets referring to that team will be canceled and invalid for the draw..